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Photo Challenge: Day 17

February 17, 2012

I don’t know why but these photos on my wall seemed especially fitting with today’s topic of time.  There were some other photos I had, of various clocks and piles of books (representative of my lack of time) and even a clock tower.  But I like this best.

The top is of my brothers when they were small, probably about 3 and 10 years old, respectively.  I love the photo because the expressions on their faces pretty much sum up who they are, even now as adults, with Ethan looking concerned about something and Ian looking totally chill.

The middle is of me and my mom when I was about 7 or 8.  You may not be able to tell but we’re making the same face.  According to my mom, she was mimicking my little kid fake “I’m not going to show any teeth” smile, apparently.  I always thought I was trying to smile like her.

The bottom is of Lorna and Leon, my grandparents on my mom’s side, taken when they were newlyweds.  Leon was recovering from pneumonia when these were taken but I think he looks as handsome as ever.  Of course, Lorna looks pretty great herself.  Isn’t the moon and stars backdrop great?  Oh, the 1930s.


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