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Photo Challenge: Day 11

February 11, 2012

It’s snowing here today and it’s not your typical Pittsburgh snow.  It’s lovely and dry and it just keeps coming.  And it’s windy.  It’s the kind of day that must make Father Winter proud and could really only be termed “blustery.”  That’s why, after running a few errands this morning, I’ve been inside enjoying my cozy apartment and it was the perfect afternoon to enjoy something that makes me happy:

For a long time, I said that there should be some kind of peanut butter hot chocolate concoction.  Everyone knows that peanut butter and chocolate are a god-sent combination so why not peanut butter hot chocolate?  I tried to make my own by mixing peanut butter in with hot chocolate but it never worked out.   The hot chocolate was never hot enough to fully melt the peanut butter so there’d just be blobs of PB floating in the mug.  Mmm, peanut butter blobs.

Anyway, I was at Target in October, buying bed bug defeating supplies and searching for things to cheer me up about the aforementioned bed bugs and lo and behold, what did I spy in the beverages aisle?  If you can’t guess, see the photo above.  Needless to say, it made my day.  The best part about it (beyond the fact that it’s peanut butter hot cocoa) is it really has mini chocolate peanut butter cup chunks in it and they don’t melt fully so when you get to the bottom, there are little bits of chocolate-y peanut butter-y partially melted goodness.

Of course, there are lots of other things that make me happy.  Sunshine, hugs, naps, friends, etc.  But on a day like today (see above, re: blustery), peanut butter cup hot cocoa tops the list.

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