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January 8, 2012

Alright, so the first week of 2012 is in the bag and here we are – anyone still holding up their resolutions?  I’ve already failed at one – my goal to get to the gym – but I twisted my ankle on NYE and figured it would probably be better to break the resolution than to do further damage to the ankle.  And if you know me… well, let’s just say the ankles are pretty much a lost cause.

I actually have quite a few resolutions this year, which is very different from years’ past.  However, they are all things I’m already on the path of doing, I just want to get better at them.  Also, these are kind of lumped into the things we talk about on here, so I’ll be sure to post more about each of these and my progress over the course of the year!

1. Food:  Renew my CSA membership.  Make at least one new recipe a month from one of my many cookbooks/cooking magazines.

2. Photography:  Take more pictures of everyday things.  Take pictures from different angles to get different views of the world.  Submit some photos to a critique in the photo club at work.

3. Home:  Get pictures on the walls.  Decide on a bathroom color scheme and stick with it.  Purge.  Organize.  Make some of the crafts I keep pinning on pinterest.

4.  Fitness:  Get moving!  Work out, walk, etc. at least 3 days a week.  Try new fitness classes.

5.  Travel:  Visit friends.  Go somewhere unexpected/off the beaten path.  Be a tourist in my own home town.

6.  Life:  Just go with it.  Be spontaneous.  Say yes where you’d normally say no.


This may seem like a lot, but it really boils down one general idea:

Live simply, enjoy the life you have, cherish those you spend your time with, and be thankful for every moment of laughter, happiness and friendship.


I hope everyone has enjoyed the first week of 2012!  I’d love to hear your resolutions!

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