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Christmas Clean Up

December 29, 2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday with their families!!  We are back from our holiday trips and still trying to come down from the sugar high of all the candy and cookies.  I’m currently planning a gradual weaning off of peppermint mochas so I don’t have to go cold turkey when Starbucks takes them off the menu in a few weeks.


The end of the holiday season is always a little sad for me.    I have to stop listening to Christmas music 24/7, which sends my system into a bit of a shock.  Especially when I return home from a quick trip to SE Wisconsin to find my Christmas music station has switched to country. COUNTRY!  Now, I’ve been known to drive down those Iowa back roads with Garth, Brooks & Dunn, and Dierks blasting, but country music is a true shock to the system when you’re expecting Bing.  Good thing I have Pandora to get me through the work day!


I also really hate taking down my decorations.  The house always looks so fabulous with all of the glittery ornaments, wreaths, and stockings — and so sad and dreary with all of it put away.  It’s like a sad sad reminder that the winter dulls are here to stay.  So… how long should I keep those decorations up?  I want to stave off the winter blues as long as possible, but how long is too long?  Someone once told me that you should take everything down 12 days after Christmas – also known as Epiphany to Christians around the world.   Epiphany falls on Friday, January 6th this year, so I’m thinking that weekend would be a perfect time.


How long do you keep your decorations up?  Are you one of those people who still has their Christmas lights on in April??  Or do you dispose of all holiday cheer on December 26th?

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