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A Little Bit of Magic

December 19, 2011

I fully believe in Christmas magic.  There’s just something so mystic about the weather and the twinkling lights, the smiles on strangers’ faces, and the jingle of Salvation army bells.  You know that every jingle and twinkle has a little magic for everyone, just waiting for the right moment to appear. Sometimes my Christmas magic is as small as brightening my mood when I get overwhelmed by the shopping and the planning and the crazy parties and all of the other goings on.  Sometimes my Christmas magic is a very spiritual moment at midnight services on Christmas Eve.

This year, my Christmas magic came in material form.  It was a true Christmas miracle:

I was one of those overly enthusiastic people who had ordered several items from the Missoni for Target collection WAY back in mid-September.  I tried to keep a positive attitude as my estimated ship date got pushed back later and later.  I wanted my Missoni flats.  I refused to give in to the idea that my order would not be fulfilled.  But as the months passed, my positive attitude began to wane.  I had just about given up hope, thinking I should just cancel my order… but Christmas magic intervened!

On Saturday, I woke up and checked my email – AND THERE IT WAS!  Two emails from Target saying that my items had shipped.  OMGeeee! My Missoni is on it’s way!   I cannot wait to rock my new flats.  What a nice Christmas present to myself!!

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