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Making Spirits Bright

December 12, 2011

Looking for something to thaw you from the inside out after bustling around running holiday errands?  Having a Christmas party for people you need to impress?  Having relatives over and need to blunt the edges of familial dysfunction?  Look no further, my friends – GreyDuck has some fun ideas for Christmas/winter-themed cocktails!

Here are a couple of galleries of winter cocktails for ideas:

Holiday drinks: temptation on the rocks – Star

Festive and Fun Holiday Drinks (Better Homes and Gardens)

Holiday Cocktails, Punches, and Drinks – Martha Stewart Holiday Recipes

Here are some drink ideas from Anne and Alexis.  Anne talks about Glühwein, a tried and true recipe.  Alexis tried Peppermint-Eggnog Punch from the Better Homes and Gardens gallery and was not terribly impressed.


Gluehwein is simply mulled wine.  In Germany you can buy it on the street at Christmas Markets.  It usually comes in cute little collectible boot mugs:

The easiest way to make it is to buy mulling spices like these that come in tea bags.  Just put some red wine in a pot, add the mulling spice bags plus some sugar and orange slices and heat it until it’s warm and spicy (but not boiling, you don’t want to burn off the alcohol!).   mmmm.  I’d imagine you can do this in a crock pot if you want to keep it warm at a party.

If you want to get fancier, or don’t want to order mulling spices online, you can buy whole spices and make it ‘from scratch’ like this.

If you want to get really fancy, and play with fire, you can add a flaming rum soaked sugar cone to make it a feuerzangenbowle, here’s a great video tutorial.

It’s pretty awesome:

Best served with LebekuchenKartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus, or bratwurst!


Peppermint-Eggnog Punch

I decided to make a frosty Christmas cocktail in contrast to Anne’s mulled wine.  I came across this recipe for Peppermint-Eggnog Punch from the Better Homes and Gardens the other day and decided to try it.  I like mint-flavored things, I like eggnog – mixing those two together with rum and ginger ale for a festive punch seemed like a good idea!

Ingredients for the punch

I’m not sure what went wrong.  Perhaps it was the proportions.  The recipe serves 18 and though I did have assistance consuming the finished product, I was not making this for a large group.  I tried to cut it down to serve two but mostly did a lot of eyeballing while measuring the ingredients.

My tasting partner thought it was the peppermint ice cream.  He didn’t like the frothiness that resulted from the ice cream and ginger ale mixing together and thought peppermint schnapps would be more suitable.  There was too much dairy for his liking overall.  I didn’t like the ginger ale, personally.  I thought the peppermint ice cream and eggnog tasted fine together (though I agree that it’s a bit much on the dairy end of things) but the ginger ale tasted off with those two for some reason.  I’m not sure what would have been better to provide bubbles.  Whatever it was, we both agreed that it improved with the addition of more rum.

At any rate, it’s definitely not the kind of drink you can have several servings of since it’s extremely sweet.  If you’re on a diet, it will definitely ruin it… so drink it now, before making those New Year’s resolutions!  No, seriously, if someone wants to try making it, I’d like other opinions.  Maybe it’s just too sweet for me but I feel like this drink could be improved upon.


But it looks so pretty!

Check back soon for more cocktail ideas!

2 Comments leave one →
  1. anneschwal permalink*
    December 13, 2011 8:19 am

    I think I saw that peppermint thing floating around on Pinterest, it sounds awful, but I usually stick to drinks with 3 ingredients or less! Your cups are cute though 🙂

  2. December 13, 2011 12:21 pm

    I usually do too, plus I’m not usually a fan of ice cream based drinks… but this sounded like it might be good. Oh well. It’s not like eggnog and rum aren’t good together and the peppermint ice cream was quite tasty on its own!

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