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Oh by Gosh by Golly, It’s Time for Mistletoe and Holly!

December 11, 2011

Corny holiday TV specials are a time-honored tradition.  I’m not sure if it was the first, but  “Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank” is certainly classic-


Have you watched any of the musical holiday specials so far this year?  Would you like to procrastinate your graduate school final papers to watch some 2011 musical highlights with me on this lovely Sunday?  Sweet.  Here we go!

Anne’s Christmas Special Highlights, 2011

We’ll start with “Christmas at Rockefeller Center,” which featured a bizarre blend of old and new musical guests.

Neil Diamond performed his truly awful new song “Cherry Cherry Christmas”-

Apparently this boy group, “Big Time Rush”, is a big deal with the younger set these days.  I hadn’t heard of them, but I enjoyed their acoustic version of “All I Want for Christmas” –

And of course, I couldn’t leave you without the finale- the lighting of the tree!


Speaking of the younger set… I searched for videos from “Michael Buble’s Christmas Special” and all I could find was Justin Bieber’s performance of “Mistletoe”.  The song is a little bit cute, but I can’t watch it without screaming “Pull up your pants, kid!!!!” every 30 seconds.

Eventually I found a few more clips from the show, and I was pleased to see Oscar the Grouch take Michael Buble’s seasonal cheer down a notch in this lovely duet 😉


I love “The Sing-Off” because I like watching a capella, but also because I think Ben Folds in hilarious.  So obviously I loved this corny sketch and duet with Ben and Sara Bareilles on “A Sing-Off Christmas“-

I dare you to watch these three male college groups performing  “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” without cracking a smile-

I thought this rendition of “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was pretty darn hip.  Also love the interview after: “Well you know, Dr. Seuss is my favorite rapper, so throwin’ some of his lyrics, I was like, we can do this!”


CMA Country Christmas” was quite the to-do.  I avoided watching any performances by the two latest American Idol kids, but I did find a few gems from the evening.

Sheryl Crow performing “Run Run Rudolf” with Brad Paisley-

Another Muppet sighting!  Vince Gill duets with Miss Piggy-

I have a soft spot for Rascal Flatts, and I loved their performance of “Mary, Did you Know?”-


Next Week on December 16th Conan O’Brien hosts  “Christmas in Washington” on TNT.  I don’t have cable, so I’ll probably just be looking for you tube clips later!

So what do you think, what’s your favorite clip?  Did I miss any important musical holiday specials?

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  1. December 11, 2011 2:39 pm

    I really like all of them but my favorite is the men’s a capella groups doing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”… you know how I feel about a capella groups! I don’t know how I feel about Miss Piggy trying to seduce Vince Gill into spending the night… hmm.

    And yes, Big Time Rush is big with the kids – my nephews are like, so into them, omg.

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