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Jingle Bell Rock – Ugly Sweater Style!

December 10, 2011

Let’s face it, we have all either worn or seen some UGLY Christmas sweaters!

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the annual Ugly Sweater party hosted by my friends Kayla & Nicole.  For several years, we’ve all picked out our ugliest Christmas sweaters (I think some people just raid their mother’s closet!) and gathered for a fun night of Christmas themed jello shots, cookies, and drunken Christmas carol karaoke.  I’m sure this year’s party (which is tonight!) will be just as fun.

A few years ago, I decided to make my own ugly sweater – I bought a $3 green sweater at Goodwill and the tackiest tinsel, ornaments, and jingle bells I could find and hot glued all of it to the sweater.  It was definitely ugly!  Then, my roommate Liz & I posed in front of the Christmas tree for our own “Awkward Family Photo“.  Apparently I couldn’t keep it together, because every single take turned out like the one to the right.

We even made our own mistletoe headbands that year – it’s amazing how crafty a 20-something year old girl can get when there are (booze) prizes involved (wait until I tell you about the time Liz & I made our own dinosaur costumes!).  We made the headbands with some clip art that was printed out and attached to an old headband with a pipe cleaner.  And to think I never did well in art class!

As you can see, Liz went with the more classic tinsel wreath, while I aimed for some sort of tree.  All I can remember is that those tinsel cuffs were itchy and I jingled with every move.  A word to the wise, unless you are feeling REALLY crafty, shell out the $10-20 for someone else’s ugly sweater!

The next year, I decided to pick up a sweater from Ragstock.  It is unbelievable the number of sweaters that stores like Ragstock and Goodwill have in stock – I believe both in Uptown and at the Mall of America they have satellite locations just to sell ugly sweaters.  Everybody loves them!

We even brought out the mistletoe headbands again!

I haven’t found my sweater yet for this year’s party, but that is half the fun.  I’ll take a break this afternoon from my last research project of the semester and make a quick trip to find the perfect sweater!

If you’ve never been to Ugly Sweater party, I strongly encourage you to host or find one to attend this year.  And if you are inviting a number of people who don’t know each other very well, the sweaters are an excellent conversation starter!

A few of my friends posing in their best ugly sweaters!



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  1. anneschwal permalink*
    December 10, 2011 3:25 pm

    great pictures! have fun at this year’s party!

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