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Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree

December 8, 2011

I’m going to a Christmas party this weekend with my boyfriend.  It’s at the house of one his fraternity brothers, it’s catered, and there will be a lot of his friends there, some of whom I have met, some of whom I have not.  I know Chelsea has a major holiday party to attend this weekend, as well.  It’s another boyfriend thing, though his is the holiday party for the kind-of-a-big-deal law firm he works for.  There’ll be cocktails, a plated dinner, and dancing.  Pret-ty fan-cy.

I know both of us are feeling some mild pressure to look our best.  Chelsea may have more actual reason to worry.  I mean, her party is at the Calhoun Beach Club.  That’s some serious holiday partying.  So, where to find fun holiday party clothes for a girl on a budget?

My new favorite place to get ideas for outfits and clothes is Polyvore.  It’s not a store but it allows you to create different outfits either with items that are already uploaded or you can upload your own items while shopping online by adding a “Clip to Polyvore” button to your bookmarks toolbar.  (Very similar to Pinterest if you’re familiar.)  You can get ideas from other people through their top sets from the Polyvore community.  Best of all, while creating an outfit, you can limit by price and see where each item came from.  Check out this cute outfit I created for my Christmas party.  My guidelines/rules are that I really want to wear a dress but I don’t want to be so dressy that I’m out of place and I don’t want to be obviously Christmassy. I went with simple dress, sparkle on my feet and ears.

Alexis casual Christmas party outfit
Alexis casual Christmas party outfit by astapp21 featuring a pleated dress

The whole outfit was definitely over $100.  In reality I’d probably only get the dress and earrings and together, those are only $39!

The first place I always check out online for fun cute party stuff is ModCloth.  Some of their dresses still remain outside of my budget but there are some under $50 that look like they’d twirl across the dance floor all night.  Plus, I’m a sucker for the cutesy descriptions  (“You love expressing your outgoing personality and vivacious vibes in eye-catching clothes like this vibrant purple dress!”) and the fact they always recommend ways to complete the outfit.  Some of their suggestions are a little too trendy for my tastes but it’s nice to get some fresh ideas.

Ruche, like ModCloth, has some more expensive items but then some completely reasonable and adorable things, like this Haute Chocolate Velvet Dress for $36.99!  I might pair this with these be-bowed pale pink heels from ModCloth and with shoes and dress at those prices, maybe you could splurge on these fantastic tassel earrings from Anthropologie!  Personally, I’d rather splurge on the shoes and since it’s the holidays, why not go sparkly?  (Psst, speaking of shoes, Zappos and Endless are great places to find deals on shoes and they have free shipping and free returns.)  Spotted Moth is another fun site.  It doesn’t have a lot but what they do have is great like this Lovely in Lace Dress in wine.  Mango is another place to check out.

Online and off, Target and H&M are always good choices for inexpensive looks.  H&M is a little more fashion forward.  Target has a website, obvi, but they often have different items in the store not available through the site and vice versa, like this beautiful ruffled Shantung Dress that would be a nice work dress, too (if you have that kind of job).

I created another Polyvore board for Chelsea’s fancy law firm party. I pretended money was no issue for this one, just to have fun. Also because I started it and didn’t realize the green dress is $800 (oops)… but it’s perfect since Chelsea wanted a dress that twirls for the dancing portion of the evening! Anyway, I went with a festive green dress and some really beautiful burgundy suede shoes with gold jewelry and white accent pieces.  Fun?

Fancy Christmas party outfit
Fancy Christmas party outfit by astapp21 featuring a clutch wallet
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