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I’ll Be Home for Christmas

December 7, 2011

Well technically I won’t actually be home for Christmas, but that song always makes me think of how pretty my house can be when it’s decorated for the holidays.  I have such a hard time taking my decorations down each year, it feels like the warmth of the season goes with them and then we’re left with 3-4 LONG months of winter.   Anyway.. on to happier things than that horrible stretch of winter between New Year’s and St. Patrick’s Day (or longer!).

I am a huge fan of simple, CHEAP, tasteful decorations.  As you could probably tell by my Christmas playlist, I am a huge fan of the “Classic Christmas”… which I think somewhere in my mind I’ve made that something akin to a Mad Men Christmas (you know… lots of booze, inappropriate office party flirting, and everyone perfectly dressed for every occassion).  I should really have been born in the late 40’s, but what can you do?

I love the old glass ball ornaments that sparkle and catch the lights on the tree and like to recreate that feeling around my home.  And since I have some sort of obsession with buying more and more ornaments each year (25 ornaments for 75 cents the week after Christmas?! I can’t help myself)… I’ve found some crafty and easy ways to spread the sparkle and cheer throughout my home using items I already have around.

First, I love a lighted garland.  On a fireplace mantle, over an archway, or in my case, around my big dining room mirror.  This year I added some big ornaments to give it a little more festive-ness.  In years past, I’ve had one over an archway with lots of smaller ornaments.  For those of you who don’t want to put up a tree, I say go for a garland!  It’s a quick, 15 minute way to give your home some holiday flair. 


My favorite decorations are the centerpieces I make using some of my larger vases and varying sizes of ornaments.  I literally take the ornaments out of the box, put them in the vase (alternating colors, designs, and sizes as I go).  It is SO easy, and looks so great.  I think a lot of people overlook the elegant touch a centerpiece on a coffee table can give your living room. Coffee Table Decorations

I’ve also made a larger one this year for my dining room table in my favorite vase – one I picked up for $2 at a garage sale!  Between my bargain basement ornaments and garage sale vase, I’ve added some Christmas decor to my dining room for under $5 in less than 10 minutes!Dining Room Centerpiece


My last, more time consuming decoration, is an ornament tree.  A few years ago, I was OBSESSED with the glittery ornament trees I was seeing in stores.  I was determined to get a couple, until I saw the price.  $40-50 for a 10 inch tree?!  NO WAY!  So, I set out to make my own.  I did have to buy the supplies for this project, but I would say I spent maybe $20 for everything.  It took a few hours to strategize the best way to make them and then to actually hot glue it all together, but every year when I take the trees out I have a little burst of pride because I made them.  Some things just give you a little more joy when you’ve made them with your own two hands!

Ornament Tree


What are some of the decorations you use each year?  Did you make anything yourself?  How long do you wait to take down your decorations? (I wait longer and longer each year… I think it was January 10th last year before I could bear to do it!)

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