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All I Want for Christmas is You

December 2, 2011

What do I get for that someone  special?  I am completely stuck.  It had been decided that I would get him a wallet since he needs a new one and has that annoying habit of buying himself the things he wants.  This habit of course makes it very difficult to get gifts for him.  We have been dating almost a year and managed to get through each-other’s Birthdays buying one another a book.  Not very romantic, but we both really like books.

Books, however, will not be acceptable for Christmas.  John (my boyfriend) has upped the ante by announcing that not only did he know exactly what to get me, but he has already bought said present.  I am now wondering if the wallet he knows about already is a good enough present.  What gift is meaningful, romantic, and maybe even useful??  Am I asking too much?  Will it even matter?

I have thought of all kinds of stocking-stuffer ideas, but I need an actual present…

I am wholly against sappy presents that have no use or purpose or things that won’t be used.  No Love Coupons from this girl.  Everywhere I look I find nothing but useless advice.  Most of the ideas I think are what women want for Christmas or what women think men should want.  He doesn’t want a mixed CD or a personalized picture frame with a picture of the two of us in it.  And, Fruit Baskets!  Are you serious?   Movies, books and video games are good ideas but he buys those for himself and aren’t necessarily as personal as I want to be (though fine for a newer relationship or semi-committed…).  Clothing is nice but perhaps sends the wrong message and isn’t necessarily romantic.  Gadgets are great.  Something having to do with sports is always a good idea (whether they be professional or independent), and food and drink are always sure to please.

I think the perfect gift would let him know that I think he deserves a break and some fun and that I appreciate him enough to give him that.  Here are some gift guides that I think actually present some gift ideas for men:

Gifting Grace


Men’s Health Gift Guide – a guide written by men for men

GQ Gift Guide

Only 23 days until Christmas, let the shopping commence.  I think definitely a wallet…and maybe some nerdy gadget?  If you are in a similar predicament, I wish you luck and hope that these guides can help you too!

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