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Deck the Halls

December 1, 2011

Chelsea proposed one post a day in December, all with clever carol lyrics in the titles.  She may have overestimated my level of holiday cheer, or she may know that I like a challenge.  Either way, here I go.

Holiday Decorations!

I live by myself in a one bedroom apartment with two mildly destructive cats.  I have moved every single year since I left home in 2001… until this year!  2011 marks the very first time I have ever spent the holiday season in the same apartment for the second time.  To celebrate this indicator of something like adulthood, I have decided that it is time to step up my holiday decorations.

In the past I’ve picked up a christmasy trinket or two at a thrift store, or made a few decorations myself (imagine what a kindergartener with scissors and a package of construction paper might make, and that would be about my crafting level).  And every year when I moved, the decorations got tossed.

It’s tough, deciding whether or not to decorate a small non-permanent space occupied by just one person.  On the one hand, why bother?  Very few people will see it, it’s a lot of extra stuff to store, and I’ll be at my parents house for Christmas itself anyway.  On the other hand, CHRISTMAS!!!

I could blame being back in Minnesota, or spending more time with Chelsea, or finally joining Pinterest for my domestic urge to decorate this year, but really it’s just a fun and cozy distraction from my graduate studies.   So here’s my apartment…

4 1/2 ft tree- Target, Sparkly plastic ornaments and star- Target, Devious kitten- Woodbury Humane Society

Are you decorating your space this year?  What went into your decision to deck the halls or not?

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