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The Origins of GreyDuck

November 27, 2011

Sara, Anne, Chelsea and Alexis have all known each other since grade school, growing up together in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Each one has unique passions and interests that they’ll share with you in future posts.

GreyDuck was born from a Sunday brunch and “O Magazine”.  Chelsea and Anne had both recently completed a quiz (Find Your Passion) that helps you find your true calling, with a little help from your friends.  Encouraged by a little bubbly (always a great start!), Alexis and Sara took the quiz.  Everyone loved the idea of sharing their thoughts about their favorite recipes, design ideas, travel tips, and career tips – and a blog was born!

So why GreyDuck?

Well, in the great state of Minnesota, children play a game called “Duck, Duck, Grey Duck.”  You may know it as “Duck, Duck, Goose”, but here in MN we’re pretty particular that it’s a Grey Duck.  Grand arguments happen in school yards each year when a new kid moves to town from out of state about the true name of the game (just ask Sara!).

We all love our home state (Sara has been officially deemed ‘Minnesotan’ after 20+ years of residence), and thought a subtle hint of our background would be a great tribute.

‘Til next time,

The GreyDuck Society

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